Thread Count: The Big Lie

Don't be fooled. This marketing gimmick has gone too far.


Manufacturers know consumers often seek a high thread count. They also know consumers will never be able to verify the accuracy of the thread count listed on the package. So when higher numbers mean higher sales, some bedding companies will falsely label their packages. If you are after quality sheets, avoid mass retailers. With so many products, they simply lack the ability to monitor authenticity.

Mislabeling Thread Count  

Deceptive Measurement Tactics

Thread count is simply the number of strands of fiber woven into one square inch of fabric. Unscrupulous bedding manufacturers are able to achieve a high thread count by wrapping multiple pieces of low-grade cotton together to create a double or even triple-ply thread. Suddenly, a 300 thread count sheet can be passed off as a 900 thread count sheet. Technically true, but now a sub-par product is being sold at a luxury price on the basis of a (deceptive) number alone. If you want a premium set of sheets, look for those made with single-ply threads of top quality cotton and be suspicious of anything marketed as a thread count over 500.

Deceptive Thread Count

Is Higher Even Better?

Long ago brilliant marketers created the illusion that the ultimate measure of quality and softness lies in the thread count. Consumers have been guided to select sheets with the highest thread count without even understanding what it means. In reality, the type of cotton used, the way the threads are spun, and the weaving process all factor into the quality and softness of your sheets. The ultimate quality of a set of sheets simply can't be captured by one number alone. Skilled bedding brands will put extensive effort into perfecting the ideal mix of these elements to result in the best sheet possible.

High Thread Count Does Not Mean Better

 The Cotton & Care Way

In order to create the most incredible sheets ever, we knew we needed three things: the best cotton, ethical manufacturing with the highest quality standards, and the perfect thread count. With the finest cotton crops and world-class manufacturers right here in the USA, the first two choices were easy. As for the perfect thread count, this took patience and hundreds of hours of user testing. We had to find the ideal balance of softness, airflow, durability, and overall comfort. In the end, friends and sleep enthusiasts all agreed that a thread count of 250 was the right choice. It was soft, yet durable, and perfectly cozy but with enough breathability to keep you cool on even the hottest nights.

Cotton & Care Perfect Thread Count