Supima Cotton

The Ultra-Premium Choice

Cotton & Care is proud to make our sheets from 100% Supima cotton. But just what is Supima cotton and what makes it so special? In short, it's the finest and rarest type of cotton in the world. The word Supima is formed from “superior” and “Pima”, the latter being the tribe of Native Americans that originally cultivated the crop in the Southwest in the early 1900’s. 

Think of it like this: if you were ordering cotton off a menu, Supima would be like filet mignon; most of those sheets at the big box stores are made of Upland cotton, which is just plain old hamburger by comparison. 

Now you might be wondering: "what about Egyptian cotton? I thought that was the gold standard in bedding". Egyptian cotton (assuming it's real, but more on that later) is a fine, long-staple strain of cotton like Supima. But that's where the similarities end. Supima can only be grown in the specific climate conditions of the Southwestern United States and therefore is so rare that it makes up less than 1% of the cotton grown worldwide. Any goods sold with the Supima label must be tested and certified by the Supima association; this means when you buy Supima you can be confident about the quality of what you're purchasing. There are surprisingly few regulations around labeling something as Egyptian cotton, and as a result, much of what is being called Egyptian cotton is fake. 

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article estimating that as much as 90% of the cotton being sold as “Egyptian cotton” in the United States is in fact fake. All the big-box retailers have been affected, selling billions of dollars of low quality product to unsuspecting consumers. But when dealing with a complex supply chain that crisscrosses the globe, this type of thing is bound to happen. 

But back to Supima and why it’s so special: 

Supima is the softest. 

Supima cotton consists of extra-long lengths of fibers, meaning when spun and woven into fabric, fewer fiber ends are exposed. This gives Supima a soft and smooth feel that other cottons just can’t match. 

Supima is the strongest. 

Supima cotton fibers are also forty-five percent stronger than typical cotton, making fabric that is super durable, and less susceptible to pilling and shrinking. This means Supima-made products will last far longer than you could expect from your basic cotton. 

Supima is the best for sleeping on. 

Supima cotton has been used by high end clothing brands to make ultra soft and long lasting shirts for several years. But Supima has only recently made the crossover into the bedding space. And it's about time, because wearing a super soft t-shirt is nice, but wrapping yourself in super soft sheets all night is even better.   

Cotton & Care + Supima

Here at Cotton & Care, we tested out all kinds of cotton for our sheets. But after sleeping on Supima, no other kind of cotton compared. Supima is often overlooked by other bedding manufacturers because of the cost – it’s nearly three times as expensive as regular cotton – but we knew in order to confidently tell our customers that we were giving them the best sheets in the world, we would have to use Supima. We absolutely love it and sure hope that you do too.