Our Story

We are Evan and Lisa, sleep-enthusiasts from Las Vegas by way of Iowa and California. After years in the world of consumer banking, we wanted a fresh start and set out in search of two things: a great night's sleep and a positive impact. With that, Cotton & Care was conceived on the founding principles of sleeping well and doing good.

We aimed to build a brand around elements that didn't exist in the world of bedding: ultra-premium American cotton, manufactured through a supply chain based entirely in the USA, with prices that make luxury attainable; and a commitment to giving back.

What does it mean to sleep well? Absolute comfort on top quality sheets made from the best cotton in the world.

What does it mean to do good? Ethically manufacturing in the USA and donating a substantial portion of our profits to an important cause.

We hope you'll join us in our mission and we promise to make you a happy customer.


Co-Founders of Cotton & Care