Our Mission

Cotton & Care's mission is to become your favorite bedding and sleep brand by challenging the industry norms in the pursuit of two simple things: sleeping well and doing good.

We want you to rest easy knowing you have purchased bedding that is ethically made in the USA, traced to ensure authenticity, priced fairly, and free from harmful chemicals. 

We also want you to know that your purchase has had a positive impact on the world. We believe every company has a social responsibility, and that's why we are dedicated to donating a substantial portion of profits to an important cause. 

The Cotton

Beginning with the world's finest cotton grown in California's Central Valley, our premium American Supima® cotton is truly the best. Less than 1% of the cotton produced worldwide qualifies as Supima®, making it rare and highly prized around the world. It’s brighter and stronger than other cottons, and will only get softer with each wash.

Cotton & Care Premium Cotton

Traceable Supply Chain

By keeping the entire supply chain in the US and eliminating unnecessary middlemen, we can guarantee the authenticity of every product. From the farm to your bed, we trace every step of the process so you and your family can feel confident you are getting an honest, pure product.    

Cotton & Care Supply Chain

Made in the USA

We are committed to manufacturing every product in the USA. This means premium quality, ethical manufacturing, and environmental responsibility. You can be certain that every Cotton & Care product was crafted by an expert US worker, earning a livable wage in a facility that cares about its people and the community. 

Cotton & Care Made in USA

 The Care

Giving back is at the core of our business model, which is why 50% of all profits will be donated to the world water crisis. The lack of access to safe water is what is standing between billions of people and their health, safety, and the opportunity to unlock their true potential. Doing our part to help positively change lives is implicit to Cotton & Care's founding principles.

Cotton & Care Giving Back